Independent clothing brand based in Israel since 2019 by A.Y, head designer and the mind behind LTRG. 
In LETHARGY there is no seasons and trends, we make only special, limited high quality pieces in collaborations with other alternative artists who believe and love the dark tone of life. We believe streetwear is a way of expression and we express our dark art through it. 


"THERE IS NOTHING TO BE EXCITED FOR" stands for us to remember that everything around us is temporary, and we are not supposed to exaggerate our passions for material things.
That's why we support slow fashion and believe that clothing should be part of you and your personality.


A.Y graduated with a bachelor's degree in fashion design at Shenkar College in 2016 and has since worked in collaboration with Israeli evening and bridal designers. Over time has realized that the field of evening dresses is not creative and bold enough for her aspirations. Alina felt that Israeli fashion lacked designers with an unconventional young line with bold design. 

She began designing outfits for her friends in the field of music in the hip-hop and trap genre in Israel, and over time she realized how difficult it was for them to find special yet comfortable clothes for performance.  the artists wore the same sports brands and looked the same. In 2018, she decided to create her own brand that would bring a refreshing fresh air of street ware to the Israeli fashion market, a creative and uncompromising brand of quality and design, a young line of rebellious and bold character with sarcastic and dark tone.